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We purchase real property interests under cellular infrastructure, billboards, and renewable energy assets.

How We Can Work Together

Accelerate's infrastructure strategy is funded with permanent capital from CBRE Investment Management (CBRE IM), a leading global real assets investment management firm. We work with property owners to purchase ground leases under cellular infrastructure, billboards, and renewable energy assets, including wind, solar, and storage.

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Property Owners

Every property owner is unique and we pride ourselves on our ability to creatively adapt and offer solutions tailored to you.

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Industry Professionals

We set the standard for providing solutions to developers, vendors, transaction specialists, and more with the committed resources you need to deliver.

Tenants & Operators

As a landlord, we pursue long-term, beneficial relationships with a commitment to build a solid base of trust and respect.

Digital Infrastructure

Cellular and Billboards

Accelerate works with property owners across the United States, in multiple industries, to maximize the value of ground leases under digital infrastructure locations, including but not limited to:

  • Cell Towers
  • Billboards
  • Rooftop Installations
  • Fiber
  • Data & Switch Centers
Renewable Energy

Solar, Wind & Storage

Accelerate works with property owners to maximize the value of their renewable royalty interests while also working with developers to enhance their returns by separating the land from the cost of their project.

  • Wind farms
  • Solar acreage
  • Community solar
  • Energy storage

Why Work With Us?

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    Full Realization of Property Value

    Receiving a cash payment for your interest can enable you to invest or reinvest in lifestyle interests, business opportunities, or property enhancements.

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    Easy Partnership

    We have extensive experience in monetizing real property interests and have the resources to close transactions quickly and easily.

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    Reduce Your Risk

    By selling all or a portion of your interest, you can take long-term risk off the table and achieve full realization of your property value and, where applicable, reduce debt.

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    Flexible Structure

    We offer several structures to meet your needs and objectives, and are open to exploring alternatives